Personal Training

Praise From My Tribe 

Meet Kristina. A busy executive with a young child who experienced INCREDIBLE transformation by making the time to stay accountable and consistent with my nutrition and training recommendations.

She is now empowered with the knowledge of how she should eat, move and destress to maintain her amazing results! 



My dedication as a personal trainer is to find out exactly what it is that you are looking to achieve, then deliver it to you, period.

Whether your goals are to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way, gain muscle and feel stronger, balance your hormones, improve mood and sleep or find accountability in a coach who knows you can do it, I’m your woman. Personal training is an amazing way to achieve transformation. It can lead to self-empowerment, self-esteem, deep knowledge of one’s own needs and capabilities, it can improve your outlook on what’s possible for you in life and lead you into an incredibly exciting new chapter to explore.

I would love to connect and learn about your goals and needs and talk about how I will be able to help. Contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation.

A bit more about how and where I train my clients:

All training and consults are done at Dwell Gym (276 Carlaw Ave unit 100 Leslieville, Toronto.). The sessions are 55 minutes in length. 

I pride myself on delivering programming that is continuously challenging yet ‘doable’. I never want you to leave the gym feeling disappointed in yourself or feeling defeated. You will leave feeling proud of your accomplishments, and excited about what’s in store for your next session!

I am also a fascial stretch therapist and use this technique to help clients to reduce stress and achieve flexibility and mobility. They love it, it’s very relaxing and I sometimes use it as a way to end the session so they recover well, leave feeling relaxed and restored and if they’re not feeling up to a full workout one day I give them a full hour of fascial stretch on a massage table which they always love. 

Functional Movement

Training begins with a functional movement assessment to determine how the body is moving so that I can learn where to focus strengthening certain muscles and where to focus mobilizing the body. My goal in the first month is to have my client strong in the areas that will help to create an amazing foundation so they are able to progress without the fear of injury or being incapable of more advanced movements. Also, to have them flexible and mobile so they can achieve a full range of motion in each exercise without pain or the risk of injury.

Personalized Approach

I use a combination of barbell work such as squats, deadlifts, rows, presses etc., as well as kettle bells, battle ropes, dumbbells and TRX work.  I also love coaching more advanced training techniques such as Olympic Lifting. With a strong foundation we can bring you literally anywhere! Training should be fun and progress responsibly so that you are continuously challenged and excited about what you’re doing in the gym.

Fit Genes Program

Looking for a more science based and custom approach to your fitness and nutrition regime? Check out my Fit Genes package where we would use your own DNA to develop the appropriate workout, nutrition and supplement program that will yield incredible results while cutting down on time, money, and guessing what’s right for you! Not every workout and nutrition plan is ideal for everyone, and your genetic lineage will determine if you’re a good candidate for high (or low) intensity training, a high protein or fat diet or if you need a vitamin A supplement long term because you don’t have the enzyme necessary to metabolize beta-carotene into vitamin A for example (vitamin A is an essential antioxidant necessary for detoxification and supporting the immune system).


More Love From My Girl!

I love it when a client comes to me with so much 'readiness'. Ash was ready and she took the information from her genetic profile partnered with  my nutritional and training recommendations and SOARED. She now has the confidence to travel and eat without the fear of 'falling off the wagon' or losing motivation. What we developed for her works and that has kept her motivated and on track. 



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