I read a great quote the other week:

“As a stoner chick I wish other women would see smoking weed as something normal and relaxing. It’s not unladylike at all.”

This inspired me.

It inspired me for a few reasons. For months I’ve been trying to think of how I wanted to get the official word to my community. I figured this quote would be a great start.

First off, thanks for popping in to read what my thoughts are around the stigmas, uses and effects of cannabis use in 2019. I’ll be releasing a series of blogs on these topics and this is the first!

I think weed has a really bad rap. This article by FORBES details current American stats around stereotypes and cannabis culture. A few of my faves:

  • On average, cannabis consumers are 35 y/o/

  • Make over 75k per year

  • 7/10 people say that non-stereotypical cannabis consumption on TV made them more comfortable speaking about their experiences.

  • 9/10 people self-describe as professional, open-minded, present, engaged and relaxed and NOT forgetful, dumb, lazy, sluggish or loners…

I’m often talking about the role that evolution plays in our behaviour as both animals and conscious beings. For millennia, stepping out from the crowd and walking a path less travelled could mean being ostracized, judged, excluded and … probable death. Seriously! That’s how our brains have been programmed, BUT, with our conscious minds we can begin to recognize, re-pattern and live based on a set of our own rules.

This is 2019 in Canada, one of the first countries to legalize this medicinal, and tbh, really health-supportive and fun plant! It’s not 1960. We aren’t dirty, lazy, apathetic folks. We’re millennials, we have a new set of needs and rules and we deserve validation and respect.


I like to question my beliefs and which values have been passed on to me via my parents, teachers, media and so on. I know that the brain loves pattern. I also know that much of our value systems are programmed unconsciously. That’s not a bad thing - it’s an integral part of our survival - being able to receive thousands of bits of info per second without constantly needing to consciously acknowledge and take in is a process with a goal of energy consumption and rapid reaction based on probable future. Probable, not imminent.

So. Instead, we often unknowingly take indoctrination as truth.

I’m not into that.

I’m into exploring the grey and questioning my automatic response to any social stereotype. Part of my commitment to myself is to find out who I really am and what I truly want and then block out the judgement of others on my choices.

True autonomy.

So, I say fuck the judge-y, narrow-minded, unconscious narrative around a plant that offers as much or more medicinal healing for us as any other plant-based medicines do. And seriously, we can’t ignore the movement that is cannabis for health.

Why is taking St John’s Wart for mood or digestive enzymes for gut health, flu vaccines for immunity and over the counter medications to manage pain all ok, but weed, weed is a drug, associated with criminals, degenerates?

We need to begin to question the stigmas surrounding different illnesses and medications. Why does someone with cancer generally receive complete compassion and understanding no matter the treatment course they choose, though, someone with mental health struggles is expected to just “get it together” and preferably keep their treatment and symptoms tidy?

Final thoughts on this (though I’d LOVE to keep the convo going on this. Comment with your thoughts on the topic or share so others can chime in too!)

What if each of us decided what was good for us and stood in our power? How can questioning stigmas, coming up with your own narrative and living life with unapologetic conviction change your life?

People are gonna judge. Not everyone, but some. Don’t let them shake you. They have different values and they haven’t walked in your shoes. Releasing co-dependent behaviours such as avoiding or changing your mind on possible treatment options because of someone else’s probably under researched, unconscious and unsolicited advice is key. If you ask them, ok - otherwise, later.

I’m off to ritualistically roll a j, share it wth a friend, sip on a cup of hot herbal tea and eat a beautiful meal before doing some inner reflection/meditation. All pretty calming, health-supportive and rad things.



Be well with hope,
Cassandra Hope RHN + Mindset Coach + CPT

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