How Consistency Vs Perfection Keeps Me Lean + Healthy!

Ok - I know, the obligatory picture of the personal trainer in her skivvies showing her abs is a little played out BUT if you've ever struggled with stubborn weight and water retention you'd know how F*&$ing good it feels to finally dial into what works and keeps you feeling (and looking) the way you've always wanted to! 

So, I'm sharing the daily strategies I use to stay lean and full of energy and vitality! 

Now, that's not to say that what works for me will work for you - literally everyone is different, but I hope this serves to inspire you to figure out what that is for you and then stay consistent, not perfect.

What's the difference? Well, why don't you answer that? Stop for a sec and think about the way that consistent energy feels vs the energy of perfection.

(Don't skip this, seriously! Try it!) 

For me, consistent feels self-supportive, grounded, understanding, loving and mature. 

Perfection feels like judgement, self-criticism, anxious - like I'm trying to grasp water in my hands and hold it there yet I know it's only a few seconds until it all slips away...

I've chosen to cultivate daily mental habits that nurture consistency with my nutrition, workouts, mindfulness and supplements that supports growth and healing vs the energy of perfection which has never led me anywhere good. 

So, here are a few of the daily practices I engage in that help me stay lean and super healthy! 

1. Workouts

My workouts are pretty classic. I don't do HIIT training, I don't use kettle bells or functional equipment. I don't do olympic lifting anymore or yoga...I body build. 

Why? When there are SO many amazing workouts to be had? because I paid attention to the results in my genetic testing and changed my training style. My test showed I have an inability to effectively clear homocysteine when exercising so I need to take longer rest between sets, avoid HIIT, and stay relatively stable and strong when training to avoid injury and inflammation. 

The results? I am lean, muscular but feminine, strong. I feel the best I've ever felt even when I was an avid kick-boxer, fitness competitor or long distance runner. 


Want to know what type of exercise is best for you specifically? Check out my Fit Genes Genetic Testing Program to learn more. 

2. Nutrition 

Nutrition is such a vast topic and field that it can literally take becoming a certified nutritionist to be able to understand how and what to eat - and even then you'll need annual updated education and constant learning to get to a place where you're unbiased and approaching it from a 'healthy' place (in my opinion anyway).

It's taken me a long time and many courses/certifications to understand what my body needs in order to stay lean and healthy. 

The big piece for me was genetic testing. I was able to identify that I am not a good candidate for a diet rich in starchy carbs. I have a poor ability to produce an enzyme called amylase, the primary enzyme responsible to digesting carbohydrates.  

When I eat carbs I gain weight easily and hold a lot of water. What about all the amazing nutrients available in starchy carbohydrates? Well, I look at risk vs reward and decided that I'd rather supplement those nutrients rather than deal with excess weight and water retention/bloat. 

Personalized nutrition via nutrigenomics is the way of the future in my opinion. There's dozens of things we can learn about how we need to eat by looking at our genetics and epigenetics (the way our environment affects our DNA). 

Dying to know how you should be eating to maintain a healthy BMI and vitality? Check out my Fit Genes Program, of course! :) 

3. Supplements

Supplements are definitely medication. I think people use these too liberally without guidance from a practitioner and it can lead to wasted money, health issues and frustration.

The supplement regime I do is recommended by my doctor and I don't often self-diagnose or self-prescribe supplements to myself.

Even a vitamin or prebiotic could cause issues if not used appropriately.

With that said, please take this info with a grain of salt and contact a practitioner you trust to get personal recommendations.

Here's what I take and why: 

High dose vitamin C: To redice inflammation post-training and clear homocysteine from my body - an issue I identified through genetic testing and was keeping me from getting lean for many years by not managing it. 

NAC: To help support glutathione production, our most powerful antioxidant in the body. This is key for me as I tend to not detox well own my own and that can lead to water retention, gut heath issues, depression and weight gain. 

Multivitamin: To support cellular detoxification.   

Vitamin D: I'm a Canadian. Enough said. 

Vitamin A: Part of doing my Fit Genes test I learned that I don't have the enzyme necessary to take beta-carotene from food and covert it to Vitamin A - an essential antioxidant that supports liver detoxification. 

Magnesium Citrate: To aid in restful sleep and healthy digestion. I find this supplement helps to draw water into my colon and promote a healthy bm (I'm a nutritionist, bowel movement talk is like talking about the weather, k!)  

Tinctures and herbs: Because of my poor detox pathways and having PTSD I need to support my liver, immune system and endocrine system as best I can. So, I have my ND prescribe a few tinctures that I take daily to aid in supporting my bod. The swill probably be a staple for life and that's ok!

4. Stress management 

My mentor: I never hesitate to reach out to someone I know, respect and trust for some sound advice. 

My therapist: I use her when I'm really in 'trouble' but when I see her I always learn something that leads to learning and growth. Invaluable. 

Mindfulness: It's an ever-evolving relationship and practise but it's been THE most important piece of my healing. The ability to observe a thought or emotion and just notice it - not judge it or make it bad, wrong or go into a shame spiral is freedom. Mindfulness training. Check. It. Out.  

5. Digestion 

The IBSA: If you're suffering from chronic gut health issues it's key that you sort that out to heal you're immune system but also reduce inflammation and water retention. 

Often, a lot of weight issues are rooted in chronic infections and inflammation. Get your gut working well, see your body composition improve!

Letting go of what weakens me: (drugs, foods, alcohol, sugar) These things are all pro-inflammatory and can lead to weight gain/weight retention. 

6. Structural 

Osteopathy: This is a style of healing/treatment that often goes overlooked and in my opinion is as important as addressing nutrition and stress management. 

If you haven't gone to a skilled osteopath yet I highly recommend it! 

Find my favourite one here

I hope this list has helped you to understand what it takes to maintain a lean and healthy body and invest in yourself to see serious results. 

It's a process of dialling into personalized nutrition and supplements  via genetic testing as well as the right type of training to support your goals. 

The important thing to remember is that you are 100% capable of achieving these goals - your body is made for it! You just need to dial into what works for you and your genetics. 

In good health + happiness,

Cassandra Hope 

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