i just finished a photoshoot with my long-time friend and photographer, jono. ⁣
we’ve been friends for over 20 years and we’re exactly the same as we were at 15. ⁣

artsy, philosophical, still love jungle and do the same things for fun. ⁣

i got my first tattoo at 15. my first piercing at 16. went to my first rave around then and started contemplating life and humanity when i was a young teen, too. ⁣

i love that i haven’t changed. ⁣

i love that i don’t conform. ⁣

i wish more people felt that they would be successful, loved, seen, respected and wanted even when they’re not like everyone else 💛⁣

individuality is good. and as my friend and tattoo artist curt was saying after he put this sweet new ink on me 🙏🏻 ...⁣


“if everyone were like us life would be boring”. ⁣

i couldn’t agree more. ⁣

i don’t wanna wear safe shit. speak safe language and keep my skin ink-free just to cross my fingers and hope i’m not judged. ⁣

living based on fear of others’ judgement of us stems from thousands of years of evolutionary development in our brains which subconsciously tells us

“don’t step outta line. you may be pushed out of the tribe. that could result in death or not being chosen to have children with".”

ummm, imma challenge that genetic programming cause it’s 2019 and i’m a product of rapid evolutionary development. i don’t live in caves, rely on others for my everyday needs and i don’t care about marriage and having kids.

this means i now have the awareness that i have a choice as to how my brain chooses thoughts, beliefs and makes decisions.

yes, getting tattoos on my hands and body, wearing a nose ring at 37, going to raves and still listening to jungle - ALL of this - is being judged by others.

“you’re so pretty, why would you do that to your body”

“how professional can she be if she looks like that”

“i can’t bring her home to my parents, they’ll never understand”

these are just a few of the comments i’ve heard in real life and on social media.

fuck it. individuality weeds out those who won’t vibe well with me longterm, clients included.

we can be both individuals and brilliant at what we do.

we can be creatives and express that art in whatever form we want to and of course, be worthy of true love with whoever that might be. there are people who will adore your vibe. the rest can shut the door on the way out or simply hit the ‘unfollow’ button.

how many others? that’s not my concern, because my focus is on listening to what makes me fulfilled, happy and genuine.

my commitment is in changing the way my brain patterns have kept me following the herd and feeling disingenuous. not honouring myself, being an imposter, a chameleon (until recently, i’ve been a great chameleon since as far back as i can remember), all of these things kept me sick and stuck.

what happens in the brain happens in the body.

living our lives and making decisions from a place of pure authenticity can lead to days strung together which are light, powerful, grounded, unbreakable. aaaaand it can help to keep us out of constant fight or flight mode because we’re CONSTANTLY ASSESSING OURSELVES!

neurogenesis is defined as the growth and development of nervous tissue. our brains are plastic, they can be moulded and formed based on intention. our intention is POWERFUL. it’s a series of chemical reactions in the brain which instruct the brain and body to behave based on that intention.

if your intention is constantly coming from a place of conforming to make us feel like we’re in a protective social blanket, think of the undertone of that subconscious decision/pattern.

it’s often based on fear. lack, and worry that we’re not enough by simply being who we are.

that belief causes a chemical reaction in the brain which bathes our bodies in stress-based neurotransmitters and hormones.

that leads to a digestive system that shuts down in order to conserve valuable energy 9thin IBS and food intolerances). it also slows down detoxification. this, when left over time, will begin to cause disease and illness as the stress of poor digestion and detoxification on the body can and often will trigger genetic predispositions to illness.

i’ve been studying myself and my patterns, beliefs and behaviours for decades. i’ve done this because i just knew something was wrong. i saw chaos, depression, addiction, fighting and poor communication growing up all. the. time.

life was hard. i was always in crisis. it was killing me. literally.

i had no choice but to learn what my brain patterns were and rewire them. it was the only way to break transgenerational trauma.

it’s working.

fuck judgement. when we love ourselves, know how to create internal and external boundaries and trust that how we show up in this life is OUR right and no one else’s right to speak to - life becomes next-level sweet 🧁⁣

thanks curt for this beautiful piece. i can’t wait to do more work with you 🙏🏻 and thanks jono for staying your rad self all these years. i love the work we do together 👌🏻 and our insane conversations 😆⁣

keep the fun, outta the box and independents around you. they’re the ones who make life more sparkly! ✨⁣

what’s something about yourself that’s a little off the beaten path? 👩🏻‍🎤👨🏻‍🎤⚡️comment below!

cassandra hope RHN | NLP | CPT