How Spring Liver Cleanses Lead To Healthy Weight Loss (and more!)

If you've been following me on my Insta you probably caught my story yesterday when I was GEEKING OUT about the warmer weather. Spring is finally here and I couldn't be happier about it. 

Spring is a time when we switch out our wardrobe (YES! bikini's here I come!!), we stay out a little later, eat less cooked and more fresh foods, we get a little excited for potential summer romance AND do spring cleaning Marie Kondo would be proud of.

Well, the same should go for our bodies. We're just crawling out of our proverbial caves, rubbing our sleepy eyes, stretching our limbs and shaking of the dust we accumulated during our hibernation season. 

Winter in our caves (more like 500 sq. ft. condos - it's Toronto after all) looked like us buckling down, eating comfort foods and probably drinking and smoking a little more than we normally do (we get bored, leave us alone) and moving a lot less than we normally do in our warmer months. 

This just is what it is. It's prrrooobably not going to change anytime soon and as I always say, try sidestepping the guilt and shame of our choices and instead, slip into curiosity about yourself. 

Be curious about how to manage your choices and lifestyle while being able to have balance AND nurture great health. 

What does that look like? Well, for me it's picking the healthiest 'bad' choices in my gluttonous winter season like eating chicharrones instead of potato chips or smoking a vape pen instead of joints (yes, I smoke green, it's fun, calorie-free and legal now so...). 

Though these healthier choices aren't free from repercussions. They definitely still have an impact on my gut and liver health. 

This is a good time for me to jump into the science of metabolism and how toxins play a role in fat accumulation. 

Pull up a seat, liver detox 101 here we go!

How Toxins Affect Weight Gain

Toxins come from the air we breathe (thanks Henry Ford and commercial farming), the water we drink (yes, Toronto tap water is 'safe' but is full of hormone byproducts and pharmaceutical/recreational drugs) and the food we eat (mad love for farmers but wtf Monsanto?) and more (think alcohol, plastics, beauty care products, chemicals on our clothes, beds, couches etc). 

These toxins can be very damaging to the body and cause free radical damage IF the body can't effectively bind-to and eliminate those toxins. 

This is a common issue for many for a few reasons. Here are a few: 

  • Our diets lack adequate fibre which binds to toxins and aid in sweeping the gut of unwanted debris. 
  • Many of us are sluggish in our 'Phase 2' detox pathways which means our liver isn't fully capable of eliminating toxins and hormone byproducts.
  • The liver has over 560 functions to do every day, NOT counting all of the extra stress we put on it in our modern lifestyle. 

It's safe to say that our livers are struggling to keep up with the demand of detoxing our bodies efficiently. 

When this is left year after year and more toxins accumulate in our bodies this is when we are most vulnerable to illness and genetic predispositions turning on. 

I always say: 


If we aren't supporting our liver in detoxing all that we put into our bodies by introducing the right mix of herbs, nutrients, foods, including fibre and water then we, unfortunately, begin to see symptoms appear. 

This is due to the gut and liver not being able to keep up with the demand (think of that I love Lucy episode when they worked on the conveyor belt in the factory) so the liver has a pretty intelligent back up system in place to keep our bodies and organs safe from free radical damange to our DNA. 

It stores those toxins in fat cells where they will stay safe and not damaging the body and those fat cells won't budge until the liver says it's clean enough to direct that toxic traffic safely out of the body.  

This is the BIG reason why I see so many people complain of weight accumulating each year that passes as well as worsened hormonal symptoms and PMS, food cravings and food intolerances, mood changes etc.

Remember, toxic accumulation in the body turns ON genetic predispositions to illness. Observe your family's health, learn your genetic vulnerabilities and create a plan to keep emptying that toxic bucket and create bandwidth for your body and health.

So. How do we get the liver to clean up, signal to stored toxins and fat cells that it's ok to get traffic moving again and see our body composition, water retention, hormonal symptoms, gut health and mood improve? 

We do bi-annual liver detoxes! 

Every spring and fall I do a strategic cleanse using medical foods and nutraceuticals (fancy words for supplements) that aid to bind-to and mobilize these toxins which are stored in fat cells and safely get them out of the body. 

The results are really miraculous. 

  • Water retention goes down
  • Fat retention melts away
  • Periods and PMS improve
  • Sleep, mood and energy increase
  • And more...

Why? Because we're emptying the toxic bucket, creating more bandwidth for our bodies to tolerate stress and the toxic world we live in without struggling and presenting with undesirable symptoms.

I just started mine yesterday and this makes me SO happy because I know what's to come. 

A Season Filled With Confident Days On The Beach, A Happier + Healthier Outlook On Life + A Body That Is My Ally Not Enemy

I'm opening up 5 spots for those who are serious about taking control of their weight and health to join my Ctl Alt Delete program.

Cleanse your liver, create bandwidth in your body and lose weight the healthy way!

This is how it works: 

  1. Email me to get the conversation going! (Hi! :) 
  2. Fill out a detox questionnaire to quantify where you're starting so we can get you on the appropriate cleanse and measure your progress at the end. 
  3. Either a 10 or 28-day cleanse will be shipped to your home (depends on your questionnaire's score total)
    1. The cleanse will include 2 key supplements you will use daily as well as a full diet plan with recipes and guidelines. 
    2. You will be EATING FOOD on this cleanse. Your liver needs quality sources of protein and fat to efficiently eliminate toxins.
    3. Be prepared to remove the foods that cause the most disruption and inflammation (there are great alternatives to them, don't panic). 
    4. Gentle daily movement including walks, yoga/pilates, light weight training. 
  4. That's it!

It's a very simple process and as you continue to cleanse your liver appropriately as the seasons go by (I always recommend spring and fall cleanses to unload the toxins we accumulate during summer parties and the holiday season) you'll not only continue to see healthy weight loss, increased energy and better sleep, mood and clarity of thought, you'll also be helping your future self by avoiding finding out what those genetic predispositions are!

As a celebration of Spring's official arrival, I'm offering 10% off my Ctl Alt Delete spring cleanse program to those who sign up before Friday, March 29th!

As someone who suffered for years with unexplained weight gain, weight retention, poor gut health, debilitating PMS and chronic fatigue I genuinely care about others being free from the grips of poor health. 

Let's get you feeling great this year. You deserve it. 

Reach out to me to learn more about my Ctl Alt Delete spring cleanse program.

Be well with hope
Cassandra Hope RHN + CPT

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