The ONE Way To Get The Best Results Using Personalized Nutrition

Everyone is looking for ONE thing they can do to help shift their body into the one they've always dreamed of. 

Is it going gluten free? Maybe. 

Is it reducing your carb intake? Potentially. 

Is it finally kicking that sugar addiction you've been struggling with for years? Could be!

No matter what comes up in the results of your Fit Genes test or what shows up in your personalized nutrition protocol, all that matters is one thing: 

You have to do what it tells you to do. 

I say that with pure understanding and empathy if you haven't done what your healthy friend, past coach or parent who recently went keto and has lost 50 lbs has told you to do. 

We often procrastinate or think "There's no way that one thing is going to change my body composition". 

How do you know that though? Until you try. 

I have recently gone through the most incredible body transformation I've ever experienced. I've been lean and muscular in the past, but I was unhealthy while achieving that body composition. 

I had orthorexia (google it). 

I was addicted to working out and calorie restriction. 

I was abusing drugs and alcohol and was in constant sympathetic overdrive (which leads to weight loss for me). 

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the gory details of my unhealthy past and simply say...

If you do the things you know to be healthy for you, everyday, you will achieve the results you desire. 

It's that complicated and that simple. 

A wonderful shaman once said to me "There is nothing you don't already know. You park illegally and think "I'll just be a second" and you get a ticket. You knew you'd get a ticket but you parked there anyway. There is nothing you don't already know".

I loved that because it's so true. If you really think about it you know before you make any 'bad' decision that it's bad for you. Well, it's true for me anyway!

You know what you're doing that's leading you to not achieve results, especially if you have gotten coaching from someone to learn what foods, supplements and training you need to partake in to get those results. 

Now this is where it can get a little sticky. 

Sometimes when people have all of the great info on nutrition and they want to do the hard work but self-sabotage is at play and they keep finding themselves disappointing themselves and unable to turn the corner. 

That happens a lot and it's nothing to be ashamed of. All that matters is that you have the awareness that you're in 'self-sabotage'. 

That can be super fucking hard to admit. 

And even if you can admit it, how quickly can you do the work to improve your situation and claim the change you desire so badly? 

It can take time. And that's ok.

It's important to remember this: 

If you put effort into creating positive change in your life, every single day, you will eventually get to where you want to be. 

It might not look like how you expected. Maybe it'll take you a bit longer than anticipated. 

Maybe you'll be with different people than you thought you'd be with, or a different city or job...

For me, in the past I was stuck and not dialling into my goals because I was struggling with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, in unhealthy and co-dependant relationships and had gut infections I had to clear before I could reduce the inflammation, get my sugar addiction under control and begin to live a life I only dreamed of. 

This took time. I can't stress enough how important it is to have endless amounts of self-compassion while you're healing and doing the work. 

We are way too hard on ourselves.

If you find that you're feeling strong, empowered and really ready to do the heavy lifting then all you have to do is get your personalized nutrition plan and get goin. 

Though, if you find you're stuck, battling emotional eating and food addictions and are continuously disappointed with your ability to live the life you've dreamed of then that is your work right now, it isn't trying to be food restrictive and dial into a custom nutrition plan. Not yet. 

I work with many clients who have eating disorders and food addictions to get them solid and grounded first, then implement the necessary changes to achieve their body composition goals. 

Doing it any other way is like being invited to the party of the year, not showering for days before then tryna show up with a pretty dress and a lot of perfume. 

Not gonna be your best self, ammi right? 

Let's get you prepped, solid, clean and shiny THEN show up to the party when you're feeling like your best self and ready to crush it on the dance floor :) 

Sorting through all of the layers of healing that may be stoping you from achieving your best results can be daunting. It can be sticky. It can be painful. But if you stay the course you will get there and it will all be worth it. I promise. 

Interested in my coaching services? I'd love to connect! Send me an email and let's get the convo started <3

In good health + happiness,
Cassandra Hope RHN + CPT

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