Personal Training ... It's not just about lifting weights!

I remember exactly when I decided to be a personal trainer. It was grade 3, I was 8 years old and I was OBSESSED with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I would draw pictures of him as The Terminator (gawd I'm dating myself), and he had huuuge biceps. I wanted to be Linda (you know, the mom!). I would lecture my 8 year old girlfriends about putting salt on their apple slices, and would argue that walking IS indeed exercise. I was born to be a personal trainer and health coach, no doubt on that.

Years later, in grade 8, I chose to follow a freelance personal trainer for a day on 'Take Your Kid To Work' day ... Do they still do that? Anyway, I loved her. She was beautiful, french and had a jam packed day of subway rides around the downtown core to teach classes, personal train and even found time to train little me! I puked, passed out in the women's washroom and then asked for more.

That was it. I was in love and wanted nothing more than to be a freelance trainer that bounced around the city as a high-in-demand health coach. Man, is it ever incredible what being clear on your goals can deliver...

Here I am, a 35 year old woman who has a busy personal training business - wow, how lucky am I?? Pretty fortunate I would say. Though, you want to know what makes me even more fortunate, and even more fulfilled than I had set out to be as a Schwarzenegger lovin' hardcore little 8, and 11 year old?

My passion for personal training and health has lead me to paths and opportunities to help others in ways I never knew I would be able to. THAT is an incredible gift.

You see, writing programming, motivating my clients and giving healthy eating guidelines is a fantastic approach to helping people. It works! Though, my style as a trainer and coach envelops more than that. It's about really getting to know my clients. Do you love what you do? How stressful is your job, family, social life? Do you sleep well? Do you poop well?? Do you feel supported, focused, and what is your goal today in the gym? ... Did you experience that at the end of your workout?

You see, being a veteran in the PT world means you learn where the holes are for people in terms of them not being able to achieve their goals, and then fill them in! Get to know them, ask hard questions, and continue learning so that you can support people more than ever!

Showing up to a session and running clients through a workout is easy. I could count reps, correct form and give you a high-five at the end of the session and that would be great! But what's amazing is when I can tune in to your energy that day, get you focused, help you tap into that part of you that may have been sleeping when you walked into the gym and give it a loving but hearty nudge to get it going.

Being a personal trainer is more than helping you life weights. It's about helping you ask the tough questions you may not have known to ask yourself before, that will help you get laser focused, let go of self - judgment and find your own centre of gravity.

This time of year is aaaallll about getting on the wagon. Getting fit and letting go of bad habits. Instead of going through the motions this time, let's develop real change. Let's get you to know yourself so well that you will learn to pick yourself up and get right back on that horse, no matter what stage you're at in life.

This is my dedication as a holistic wellness coach that also trains people one on one in the gym. Let's make 2017 that year you finally learn what you truly need for long-term and sustainable healthy habits.

Reach out today to book your complementary consultation. I would love to lecture you about salt on your apples, debate whether walking is actually exercise, and teach you how to draw a mean Arnold portrait ;)

With love and strength,

Cassandra Hope

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