WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! (Holistic Nutritionist Edition)

fit genes nutrition Feb 22, 2018

Once upon a time I was someone who bartended and drank all night, ate McDonald's at 4am and woke up and smoked a cigarette before doing anything else (not kidding). 

Change happened for me when I was at a point that I couldn't handle how shitty I felt everyday. So, I walked into a homeopathic doctor's office, desperate for help to improve my gut health and energy. Things were not looking so good.

He spoke about how we shouldn't have to rely on naps, 3pm coffee or sugar in order to have energy. He taught me how to eat breakfast, do cleanses and remove and improve unhealthy things from my diet and lifestyle. 

Although it didn't happen overnight, I eventually became the girl who knows where her healthy lunch spots are all around the city, goes to a green juice or smoothie for energy in the afternoon and to be honest, feels full of energy all day to workout, train clients, run 2 businesses and have time for my loved ones, always. 

What changed? Well, obviously I had to learn how to value and love myself, but the daily habits that led to real change was rooted in improving what I put into my body. 

I actually met with that same homeopathic doctor yesterday for lunch (photos below) as we've remained dear friends and he became one of my greatest teachers. It's amazing what a dedicated health and wellness coach can do to empower a lost but HOPEful soul. 

Here's what this nutrition nerd eats in a day <3

8am: As soon as I wake up I have a big glass of water and this medical food. I know. It does't sound super sexy but it honestly is something I look forward to everyday! 

This 'smoothie' base contains a ton of protein, antioxidants but most importantly, pebiotics that help to nourish and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. 

This helps to improve digestion, protect the gut from inflammation, permeability and acts as a decoy to pathogenic bacteria in the gut and avoid potential infections. 

We all know all dis-ease begins in the gut. That could be weight gain, food intolerances, inflammation and water retention, fatigue etc. 

By taking care of your gut you're taking care of your whole body! 

This product isn't available retail but here's a code to buy if you wish! (use the code HOPE at checkout). It's seriously life-changing. 


9:30am: After I workout I love to drink my homemade ginger turmeric tonic to reduce inflammation and support digestion. By doing genetic testing I figured out that my body's ability to repair is a bit sluggish so I do things daily to support detoxification, and reduce inflammation. This is one of those daily habits. 

4-5 oz of this tonic gives me noticeable changes like a reduction of water retention, improved muscle definition, improved energy and clarity of thought as well as a happy, healthy gut. 


9:45am: Life just wouldn't feel right if I didn't have a smoothie everyday. I've been drinking smoothies for years and the ingredients have changed as I've evolved as a nutritionist. 

I tend to go to whole foods for my nutrition every morning and really appreciate a well balanced taste and consistency. I need it to have bioavailable sources of protein, healthy fats and lots of fibre. 

This beet detox smoothie has protein from chia, hemp and sunflower seeds as well as healthy fats from avocado and the above mentioned seeds. The fibre comes from the seeds as well as the vegetables which were beets and beet greens (hello liver detoxification and healthy metabolism!) and avocado. A hint of sweet from 1 organic banana and 2 Madjool dates which is also great to support replenishing my glycogen storage post-workout.

It's necessary to have a  small amount of starchy carbs post-workout to replenish your muscles, avoid muscle soreness and injury and side-step fatigue later in the day!


11:00am: This is where I start to move into solids. I tend to keep it light in the morning and allow my gut time to ease into digestion. When you've had a history of gut illness it's important to find a system that works for you. I personally need to wake up naturally without an alarm (I know, a luxury!) drink my nutrients for the first few hours that I'm awake and only begin work after 11am, earliest. My nervous system, gut (and hormones) find this to work like a charm. 

My late-morning snack is chia pudding with nut milk, maple syrup, vanilla, organic berries and coconut cream. 

I know from my genetic test results that I do well on a high protein, high mono and polyunsaturated fat diet (low saturated fat) and high fibre/low starchy carb diet. Have you every wondered what your specific nutrition requirement are? You may want to check out our Fit Genes program to learn more about that. That saying "One man's food is another man's poison" is so true and in my opinion no two diets should be exactly the same.

The science of nutrition has come a loooooong way :) 

1:00pm: After I finished prepping and shooting food for my upcoming 3-Day Detox Meal Plan I was off to meet my friend, and homeopath, Rodolfo Rivas, for lunch! 

In the past I would have grabbed a burger and fries but these days I opt for dishes that contain a healthy protein, lots of vegetables and minimal processed carbohydrates. 

We checked out a new Asian Fusion spot on Bloor and as much as I wanted to get the crowd pleaser, Pad Thai, I went for the vegetable pho and skipped the noodles. 

To be honest, I was underwhelmed and this pho didn't hold a candle to my favourite spot, Hanoi Three Seasons on the east side of Toronto. Though it was nice to eat something hot and share a great conversation with Rudy about our favourite was to reduce inflammation, support digestion and reduce stress. As holistic practitioners we often use ourselves a guinea pigs and what we do for ourselves we also offer as coaching to our clients. 


2:30pm: Honest mistake (it happens sometimes!) bit I didn't eat enough as I trained legs yesterday and needed more nutrition. Once I got home I made a dish with sweet potato noodles, hard boiled egg, pan-seared rainbow trout (full disclosure, my bf actually made this for me) and kimchi with avocado and black sesame seeds. This was beyond unreal delicious and I could eat it everyday. Love the balance of omega-3 fats, high quality protein and fibre to support detoxification and immunity. 


6:30pm: We went out with a bang for dinner and had one of my favourite things to eat, a macro bowl. I love how pretty food is when it's sectioned into their own little spots and all of the colours pop and textures entice. It's so so important that we LOVE the food we eat. By doing so we help our digestive organs function better, nutrient absorption improves and digestion is at it's best. 

This baby was a mix of greens, sautéed rapini (hey there gallbladder support!) seared organic sausage, olives, sunflower seeds, kimchi, tomato, roasted butternut squash, hemp seeds, green onion and my homemade nut + seed loaf bread (recipe coming soon!). 

With all of this fibre, protein and healthy fat I was satiated until the end of the night and felt amazing going to bed at around 9:30pm - don't laugh - and not too full, just perfect!

Being a nutritionist makes meal planning and healthy eating choices easy. It's engrained in the brain as to how we should create a meal and choose healthfully while eating out.  It's my dedication in life to do the same for my clients. To teach you how to eat for life, on good days and bad. Over holidays, travel schedules and high-stress times, by knowing what YOU specifically need in order to feel lean, healthy, full of energy and 100% confident in you food choices is in my opinion, freedom. 

Happy eating guys!


RHN and personal trainer

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