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3 Tips To Speed Up Fat Loss

As a personal trainer, past fitness competitor and holistic nutritionist, I know a few things about how to get the body to lose fat (in a healthy way) and keep it off. 

In the past, like many people, I used to think that weight loss was all about calories in and calories out...Though nowadays that method of approaching weight loss is about as relevant as the Blackberry (sorry RIM!). 

What I focus on teaching my clients has more to do with gut health, detoxification, improved immunity and stress management when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. 

This approach is what yields healthy, long-lasting and positive change. 

Yes, exercising and eating a healthy and balanced diet is always a part of a healthy weight loss program but you already knew that!

Here are 3 Tips To Help Speed Up Fat Loss that you may have not tried or heard of yet. 

1. Improve Your Gut Health 

Improving your gut health may look different person to person. The more I've...

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How To Get Over Getting Dumped

personal development Apr 19, 2018

K, full disclosure - I just got dumped. Like literally, just. And it hurts, and it sucks and all of the horrible things that come along with your reptilian brain reacting to 'abandonment' and rejection. 

Not super fun.

Wanna know what is fun though? Getting. Over. It. 

I wouldn't have been saying this just 3 short days ago but as my mama promised me every day gets better and more clarity appears with each conversation and rising sun. 

The details, ins and outs and who's 'responsible' are irrelevant for this blog's purpose. That would just be gossip and probably an attempt to clear pain via my blog. 

This...this is about speaking about the steps that a no bullshit, conscious and self-loving woman takes to mend a broken heart and move forward with more wisdom, more conviction, less unnecessary heart-ache and come out on TOP!

1. Call every person you know  

Literally call every person you know who can hold space for you in the way you need them to....

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5 Ways You Are Self-Sabotaging In The Gym

If you were to write a list of all of the things you have planned in each day then take a step back and ask "Can any one human seriously keep up with all of this?" - what would your answer be? 

If it's "yes", great! You're in a good groove. 

If it's "no", I like your honesty and that place of honesty and awareness is where you can make some really positive changes for yourself. 

I've listed a few reasons that I know to be potential self-sabotage like behaviour that keeps people stuck and not achieving their goals in the gym (and kitchen!). 

1.  Letting self-limiting beliefs fly under the radar

I've listed this one first because I think it's the most important thing to address yet often isn't. Addressing self-limiting beliefs takes a strong sense of self-awareness and willingness to monitor your thoughts...Practicing mindfulness for example is one way to do this. 

Mindfulness has been the most powerful tool in my tool box to stay calm, in...

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5 Things That Contribute To Belly Fat

It's a common belief that by eating a clean diet and exercising regularly will yield positive results in body composition and energy levels. Sometimes this is 100% the case but in many of my clients' situations it just isn't enough to see their body composition settle in a healthy place.

There are many factors that contribute to weight gain, weight retention and belly fat which don't always have to do with the foods you eat or how regularly you're training. 

In today's post I'm breaking down the 5 top factors that I beleive contribute to belly fat.

1. Cortisol and Stress

We have evolved based on experiencing about 95% of our day in our parasympathetic state (rest and digest) and only 5% in our sympathetic state (fight or flight). Our bodies perform best when we are mainly living in a stress-free state. 

Though, the days of wandering the forest looking for berries, lounging with our tribe and calmly creating meals are long gone (at least for most of...

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Why are rest days so important for progress + weight loss?

Hey guys!

I've been training a lot these days and LOVING IT! It can be a little difficult to put the breaks on when you're feeling so good working out. Full disclosure, I went a little overboard a few weeks back and began to experience some undesirable symptoms such as water retention, injuries and lethargy.

I was overtraining!

My ego wasn't happy but I knew I had to scale back how many days I was working out and had to remind myself of why I'm working out in the first place? To feel good, right?

Taking a few extra rest days per week was easier than I thought it would be and gave immediate results in reducing water retention, soreness and improving energy, sleep and clarity of thought.

Ain't no-one into feeling like they have the flu when they don't, ammi right?

So, this lead me to today's blog: Why are rest days important for progress + weight loss? (plus a few more key points)

In the past, especially when I was training for fitness competitions I would want to...

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Detox Bread Recipe (gluten and dairy free)


As a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer that uses my client's genetics as a way of customizing weight loss programs I'm always on the hunt for recipes that support detoxification.

What does detoxification have to do with weight loss you ask? A heck of a lot, if not everything!

As my mentor, friend and doctor, Dr Murphy always says, "People think they have to lose weight to get healthy, when really they have to get healthy in order to lose weight".

The liver is an incredible organ that decides where toxins and fats (among many other things) will go. If the liver is sluggish due to being overburdened with toxicity from the environment, chemical based beauty care products and detergents, poor quality food, stress and excess alcohol intake, it will have a hard time getting all of the toxins out of the body. 

So, it does something very smart. It stores toxins that can't get out of the body in fat cells where they will stay relatively safe and not harm the body. 


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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! (Holistic Nutritionist Edition)

fit genes nutrition Feb 22, 2018

Once upon a time I was someone who bartended and drank all night, ate McDonald's at 4am and woke up and smoked a cigarette before doing anything else (not kidding). 

Change happened for me when I was at a point that I couldn't handle how shitty I felt everyday. So, I walked into a homeopathic doctor's office, desperate for help to improve my gut health and energy. Things were not looking so good.

He spoke about how we shouldn't have to rely on naps, 3pm coffee or sugar in order to have energy. He taught me how to eat breakfast, do cleanses and remove and improve unhealthy things from my diet and lifestyle. 

Although it didn't happen overnight, I eventually became the girl who knows where her healthy lunch spots are all around the city, goes to a green juice or smoothie for energy in the afternoon and to be honest, feels full of energy all day to workout, train clients, run 2 businesses and have time for my loved ones, always. 

What changed? Well, obviously I...

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nutrition weight loss Feb 12, 2018

February in Toronto can be pretty blah...If you aren't a snowboarder, skier or lover of tobogganing your weekends are probably centred around food, Netflix and workouts (or at least mine are!).

When you have a personal fitness goal you're aiming to achieve it can sometimes feel like you're in a video game, slashing through evil muffins and mean people trying to give you sugary things that will kill your 'diet' all in hopes that you'll arrive at the castle and win (with some spare lives left in the bank).

As a holistic nutritionist I love to teach my clients about what to eat simply and stress-free, day to day that will not only help them achieve their weight-loss/fitness goals but also nourish their bodies and support detoxification and immunity.

Very important parts to consider when you're eating - thinking of solely calories in and calories out is a very outdated way of thinking about nutrition and really it's underestimating the body and it's complex needs. 


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3 things I do to find motivation to workout

Let's be real...It's January 9th 2018 and everyone's about a week or so into the whole New Year New Me vibe ammi right?

Damn straight I'm right! It's all I hear in the beginning of the new year and trust me, I get it.

But what happens when you're a week or two into your new fitness regime, you're meal planning, pooping great, have tons of energy and then .... crickets.

The excitement is gone, you've worn all of your new workout gear at least once already and you know everyone in the gym at this point. Boredom sets in!


I hear you. Me too! (Not kidding).

I've been in love with fitness since I can remember. I literally came out of the womb doing a bicep curl lol

My idols growing up were Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I drew pictures of them with muscles and dreamed of one day becoming a fitness competitor. At the age of 15 I called down to the US and asked the ISSA if I could become a certified trainer and they...

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Why you need community now more than ever

personal development Dec 11, 2017

Here we are. December 2017. We're about to enter another year where things will evolve, including our DNA. We are changing as humans by putting so much pressure on our bodies, inner-selves and the environment. If you sit back and reflect on what has happened over the past 117 years, can you imagine what's in store for the planet over the next 100? I personally can't and I have a pretty colourful imagination!

With all of this change I feel like a huge amount of the population is in a sense suffocating. We have been designed over thousands of years to feel safe, grounded, loved and worthy based on community and connection. Our tribe was our protection both physically and mentally.

Our tribes' elders would teach us, show us the way. Comfort us when we were in vulnerable places, reprimand us when we stepped out of line. We had a village to help raise a family, teach us about what to expect, how to work through the difficulties, how to eat and what herbs to take to heal.

We had people...

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