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5 Ways To Improve your Communication Skills

personal development Mar 05, 2016

There are 2 definitions to the word communication:

     1. The imparting or exchanging of information or news.

     2. Means of connection between people or places, in particular.

I believe the second definition is a better fit because in my opinion, great communication skills lend to deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships, including the relationship with ourselves.

For many years I had no idea how to communicate. I often came to conclusions as to what others believed of me, needed of me, and why they were choosing to behave the way they were without ever really getting confirmation that it was even the case. I was so afraid of asking for clarity, or asking for change in order to meet my needs because I believed the person (friend, family member, or boyfriend) would leave if I used my voice.

This all stemmed from growing up in a home where there was no communication, only drunken yelling and vicious name-calling/blaming. I never had a...

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The Power Of Saying "I Don't Know"

personal development Feb 29, 2016


I can remember feeling like it was just yesterday. Sitting in from of someone, listening to their story, chest tightening up, throat getting tight, and ears becoming hot! It was about to be my turn to chime in, give an opinion, and contribute to the conversation. Each and every time I'd feel like I was hustling to find a worthy contribution. My anxiety was redlining to say the least. The need to have an answer, a good answer, was so strongly tied to my perceived worthiness, that I exchanged authenticity and peace, for a chance at being applauded, welcomed, and further included in conversation.

Social anxiety plagued my emotional body for many, many years. Not feeling safe and accepted by my mother was a root cause. This lead to perfectionism. I didn't learn I was a perfectionist until I was in my early thirties. Twenty-five years of hustling for my worthiness via perfectionism contributed to my chronic gut issues. The gut-brain connection is very strong, and studies...

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Can Choosing The Right Relationships Improve Your Health? Yes, Indeed!

personal development Jan 06, 2016


The saying "Youth is wasted on the young", really is true in my opinion. We spend our days as adolescents and young adults, experimenting, testing, staying up late, going to work early, eating when we're hangry and usually choosing what we like to eat, as opposed to what we should eat... All of this is totally cool, until one day it isn't. Our hangovers spill over in to day 2, our size 25 jeans don't fit anymore, and often, our digestion changes for the worse due to the stress we've imposed on our bodies over the past several years. Then one day, around the age of 30, we wake up and realize we need to make some serious changes in order to get back to where we know our highest potential exists.


We hire a trainer, a nutritionist, cut back on the booze and start buying organic. Maybe we take up yoga, mediation, do a 7 day juice cleanse to kick-start the healthy ass-kicking lifestyle we're committed to.

But what if, even after all of these positive choices and changes,...

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Belmonte Raw Interview - All Things Juice Cleansing!

nutrition weight loss Jun 10, 2015

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing my friend, Carol Belmonte last month. Carol is the owner of the outrageously successful juice and raw food eatery, Belmonte Raw.

Carol started Belmonte Raw just a few short years ago, and has been delivering, and offering in store some of the best raw food and organic juice recipes around.

As a trainer and holistic nutrition coach, I get asked a ton of questions about juice cleanses so I thought I'd ask a pro what her opinion is on some of the most burning questions I get, and how her company helps people get clean and fit!

Just in time for "Spring Cleaning"!

P.S. Below are some additional questions from some of my peeps, that weren't in our vid, so for added info please feel greet to check out Carol's answers....

To view the full interview watch here.



Q: What do I do when I get cravings?

When on a Cleanse, you are actually ingesting all of your daily nutrients and calories that your body needs... in fact, you are...

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My First Appearance on The Marilyn Denis Show!

weight loss workouts Apr 15, 2015

I still can' t believe it's been 5 years since my first appearance on CTV. This was a BIG deal to me as I had recently opened my personal training studio, quit my long-time career as a bartender and was petrified of doing a LIVE segment for over 3 million people! ... Despite all of that, I nailed it and was invited back for years to come to speak on holistic wellness on a few of their other platforms including E Talk, and The Social!

This segment was on how to burn belly fat...Would I give the same advice today as I did then? No! .. But that's what it's all about...learning and evolving. It's still really fun to look back and reminisce on those really exciting (and scary) memories ... Marilyn truly is a sweet lady.

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