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Why Drinking While Eating Is Causing You To Store Fat

nutrition weight loss Jul 17, 2018

It's summer 2018 baby!! I'm riding high (but sober) on the long, hot days that seem to be strung together with work days being the only thing keeping me from living on a beach 24/7.

I've gotten to a place where I don't drink and don't feel the need to in order to have a fantastic time. It's taken me a long time to get here and I have to admit, it's a pretty cool feeling! Especially because there once was a time when I wouldn't be able to dance, meet new people or simply speak my mind without the use of alcohol. 

For me, this is freedom, but for many of my clients and readers, it's bullshit. 

People love to drink! And trust me, I get it. Alcohol is fun, it can feel really good and can also be a hobby (hello wine enthusiasts!).

Who wants to go to a patio or house party and drink Pellegrino all night while watching others get lubed up, flirt, tell jokes and be their uninhibited, fabulously fun selves without getting in on the action? 

Well, me. And...

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Optimize Your Weight Loss With Genetics

Using genetics to customize my clients' nutrition, lifestyle and exercise protocols excites me to no end. 

It's like having access information that allows those who are looking for a better quality of life to access this sort of super power that lives within them. 

When someone wants to become better but doesn't know how then reaches out for help to gain that knowledge my heart opens up and I respect their desire, financial output for that info as well as the energy they're willing to invest in the process to become a better version of themselves. 

I once sat in that same seat. Chronic fatigue, poor gut health, food intolerances, mood disorders and addictions all led me to access genetic testing to understand why my body systems were behaving the way they were. 

I learned so much about my health and I forgave myself for so many health issues I thought I had created by being neglectful of myself. 

I learned about my inability to detox hormones,...

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3 Tips To Speed Up Fat Loss

As a personal trainer, past fitness competitor and holistic nutritionist, I know a few things about how to get the body to lose fat (in a healthy way) and keep it off. 

In the past, like many people, I used to think that weight loss was all about calories in and calories out...Though nowadays that method of approaching weight loss is about as relevant as the Blackberry (sorry RIM!). 

What I focus on teaching my clients has more to do with gut health, detoxification, improved immunity and stress management when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. 

This approach is what yields healthy, long-lasting and positive change. 

Yes, exercising and eating a healthy and balanced diet is always a part of a healthy weight loss program but you already knew that!

Here are 3 Tips To Help Speed Up Fat Loss that you may have not tried or heard of yet. 

1. Improve Your Gut Health 

Improving your gut health may look different person to person. The more I've...

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5 Things That Contribute To Belly Fat

It's a common belief that by eating a clean diet and exercising regularly will yield positive results in body composition and energy levels. Sometimes this is 100% the case but in many of my clients' situations it just isn't enough to see their body composition settle in a healthy place.

There are many factors that contribute to weight gain, weight retention and belly fat which don't always have to do with the foods you eat or how regularly you're training. 

In today's post I'm breaking down the 5 top factors that I beleive contribute to belly fat.

1. Cortisol and Stress

We have evolved based on experiencing about 95% of our day in our parasympathetic state (rest and digest) and only 5% in our sympathetic state (fight or flight). Our bodies perform best when we are mainly living in a stress-free state. 

Though, the days of wandering the forest looking for berries, lounging with our tribe and calmly creating meals are long gone (at least for most of...

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Detox Bread Recipe (gluten and dairy free)


As a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer that uses my client's genetics as a way of customizing weight loss programs I'm always on the hunt for recipes that support detoxification.

What does detoxification have to do with weight loss you ask? A heck of a lot, if not everything!

As my mentor, friend and doctor, Dr Murphy always says, "People think they have to lose weight to get healthy, when really they have to get healthy in order to lose weight".

The liver is an incredible organ that decides where toxins and fats (among many other things) will go. If the liver is sluggish due to being overburdened with toxicity from the environment, chemical based beauty care products and detergents, poor quality food, stress and excess alcohol intake, it will have a hard time getting all of the toxins out of the body. 

So, it does something very smart. It stores toxins that can't get out of the body in fat cells where they will stay relatively safe and not harm the body. 


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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! (Holistic Nutritionist Edition)

fit genes nutrition Feb 22, 2018

Once upon a time I was someone who bartended and drank all night, ate McDonald's at 4am and woke up and smoked a cigarette before doing anything else (not kidding). 

Change happened for me when I was at a point that I couldn't handle how shitty I felt everyday. So, I walked into a homeopathic doctor's office, desperate for help to improve my gut health and energy. Things were not looking so good.

He spoke about how we shouldn't have to rely on naps, 3pm coffee or sugar in order to have energy. He taught me how to eat breakfast, do cleanses and remove and improve unhealthy things from my diet and lifestyle. 

Although it didn't happen overnight, I eventually became the girl who knows where her healthy lunch spots are all around the city, goes to a green juice or smoothie for energy in the afternoon and to be honest, feels full of energy all day to workout, train clients, run 2 businesses and have time for my loved ones, always. 

What changed? Well, obviously I...

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nutrition weight loss Feb 12, 2018

February in Toronto can be pretty blah...If you aren't a snowboarder, skier or lover of tobogganing your weekends are probably centred around food, Netflix and workouts (or at least mine are!).

When you have a personal fitness goal you're aiming to achieve it can sometimes feel like you're in a video game, slashing through evil muffins and mean people trying to give you sugary things that will kill your 'diet' all in hopes that you'll arrive at the castle and win (with some spare lives left in the bank).

As a holistic nutritionist I love to teach my clients about what to eat simply and stress-free, day to day that will not only help them achieve their weight-loss/fitness goals but also nourish their bodies and support detoxification and immunity.

Very important parts to consider when you're eating - thinking of solely calories in and calories out is a very outdated way of thinking about nutrition and really it's underestimating the body and it's complex needs. 


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I've Finally Achieved My Biggest Life Goal...And Need To Re-Learn This One Thing


I was 28 years old, engaged to be married, living in a huge 4 bedroom home, purchased with the intent to fill it with little ones, and I was terrified of the ever growing pressures of soon becoming a mom. 

My mother had just come back in to my life after she literally disappeared in the middle of the night when I was 12 years old. I was scared, angry, confused and literally wanted to just push the pause button on life. Since I had no idea how to do that, I did what I knew how to do well... I bailed. 

I left my fiancée, my home, my dogs, and my 'relationship' with my mother. 

It was the single most difficult thing I had ever done, and yet, also the bravest. That decision is what saved me from repeating the same behaviours every other woman in my family had done. If I didn't walk away from what felt like a hurricane of pressure and confusion, I would have never gotten the space and time to find out who I truly was and what I truly wanted from life. I...

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Belmonte Raw Interview - All Things Juice Cleansing!

nutrition weight loss Jun 10, 2015

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing my friend, Carol Belmonte last month. Carol is the owner of the outrageously successful juice and raw food eatery, Belmonte Raw.

Carol started Belmonte Raw just a few short years ago, and has been delivering, and offering in store some of the best raw food and organic juice recipes around.

As a trainer and holistic nutrition coach, I get asked a ton of questions about juice cleanses so I thought I'd ask a pro what her opinion is on some of the most burning questions I get, and how her company helps people get clean and fit!

Just in time for "Spring Cleaning"!

P.S. Below are some additional questions from some of my peeps, that weren't in our vid, so for added info please feel greet to check out Carol's answers....

To view the full interview watch here.



Q: What do I do when I get cravings?

When on a Cleanse, you are actually ingesting all of your daily nutrients and calories that your body needs... in fact, you are...

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